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Le Chic Wedding Consulting is a website created by Lawrence G. Humes to offer advice and tips to couples planning a wedding. With more than 7 years of experience as a wedding coordinator, Lawrence has shared his knowledge here and offer guidance to people struggling to make their big day a reality.

First, let’s take a look at how you should plan a wedding according to a couple’s personality and lifestyle.

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What Your Wedding Style Say About You

Are you and your partner a fun loving, goofy couple? Do you seek action and adventure in the great outdoors? Or is your love one of the greatest romances of all time? Let your wedding style emulate your relationship with your partner!

Show your friends and family how much you really mean to one another by incorporating the personality of your relationship into the entire style of your wedding.

Couples who want to show their family just how fun they are can use color and themes as a part of their style. Instead of opting for the traditional lacy white dress, you may opt for a brightly colored, beautiful ball gown instead. And instead of tux and tails for your groom, perhaps a more casual and laid back suit would be appropriate.

Fun wedding style can also include themes like “under the sea” (Starfish necklace? Why not!), holiday themes and others. Weddings can be a great way to show that humor is a major part of your relationship and fun can be beautifully incorporated into your wedding without making the bride and groom look goofy.

A highly competitive couple that loves working out, the outdoors, or sports can show their unique style in their wedding as well. Imagine your personalized wedding riding in on a white horse, barefoot at the beach or on a wooded mountainside.

Kayakers may consider being married by a river side or joggers by a beautiful wooded path, symbolizing their long road ahead together. If there is an activity that you and your partner enjoy doing together, consider ways to incorporate that theme into your special day.

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For couples that feel as though they want their style to be very romantic, portraying your great love for one another, then a romantic wedding is for you. Consider Renaissance styling for your romantic wedding from columns and dramatic lighting to doves, roses, ribbons and lace. Consider candles, violin players and other romantic elements to show your love for one another.

While the saying goes that “opposites attract,” you and your partner may not agree on what your wedding style should be. If you are leaning to a more fun style wedding, but your groom thinks that you should be wearing white, try to find a compromise. The beautiful thing about contemporary weddings is that they can be what you want them to be, and if done right, youcan have a fun, traditional romantic wedding.

Whatever you decide, make sure that your wedding style is a true reflection of your personality as a couple. If you are truly a blue jeans kind of couple, feel free to wear them at your wedding!

Just make sure they are clean, new jeans, and try to dress them up with a nice shirt, shoes and accessories. A “white wedding” isn’t for everyone, and there are a number of classy ways to show your own unique style while reflecting your love for your partner all at the same time.

Hope you learnt something useful in this article! Let us know if you have any questions.