gemmologists grading diamonds

Diamond certificates are one of the most vital items that you should insist on seeing before you purchase any diamond ring or loose diamond.

These certificates are vital to validate the quality of your diamond. But what makes them so significant?

Your diamond certificate is also referred to as a Diamond Grading Report. This report comes from a gemological laboratory and should be offered to you to view before you purchase a diamond. The most respected labs are GIA, AGS and EGL.

What Does a Diamond Certificate Actually Tell You?

Your certificate will tell you the exact weight, color, cut and clarity of the diamond that you are looking to purchase. This is a truly independent report issued by a laboratory, your jeweler can not influence this in any way.

Some dealers might ask you to pay for your diamond certificate, but the fee is usually low, and in many instances, it will help you get a better price on your jewel. It could even stop you from buying a inferior quality diamond altogether.

With the Diamond Grading Report there won’t be any doubts when you are trying to purchase a diamond. This piece of mind is invaluable. But aside from this, insisting on a grading certificate also has many other benefits.

Getting a True Value

Whether you are buying a diamond or selling one, your grading certificate makes it really easy to find out the value of it and make a proper comparison with other stones.

Many people even use the Rapaport Wholesale price list to discover the wholesale value of your diamond, but remember that this is just a guideline and does not allow for any mark-ups.

Protect The Value

If you buy a high quality diamond, and then later decide to sell it you will need to have the certificate, without it you may have difficulty getting the price that you want.

Use it for Insurance Purposes

A copy of the Diamond Grading Report should be given to your insurance company when you insure your diamond. This provides absolute, unquestionable proof of the value of the diamond should it be stolen in the future. Insurance companies cannot argue with the report.

Use it Protect Yourself

If a diamond dealer tries to tell you that you don’t need to see the certificate or even refuses to show it to you – run a mile! Buying from these dealers could cost you a small fortune. Also keep away from jewelers who tell you that a certified diamond will cost you more – the only additional cost should be the price of the certificate. This small fee could possibly save you thousands. A general rule of thumb is that if the dealer doesn’t want to present a certificate, then you don’t want to do business with that dealer.

Which Lab?

If it is possible, try not to accept certificates from Gemological Laboratories other than GIA, EGL and AGS. There are several flashy Gemological laboratories these days, but in the end, these three have been established as the most respectable, honest and oldest of the lot. Steer clear of vendors who don’t want to use these for certification purposes as well.

Use Common Sense

You wouldn’t buy an expensive car or a kitchen appliance without getting guarantee or warranty, diamond certificates are the equivalent of these. Pay the small fee for a certificate, especially if you are getting an expensive diamond. If a dealer insists that you do not need the certificate or uses a gem lab other than the three recommended then there is a very good chance that your diamond will have an inflated price.

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