Personalised Lip Balms

This has been done quite a lot, but everyone uses lip balm and that’s why this one made it to this list. One thing to note, though, is that most lip balms given out as favours are quite similar in terms of shape and design. That’s not surprising because they’re most likely manufactured in one single place. What you can do to twist them up is to make them in different, lovelier design.

When everyone else uses tube, use jar instead! If people usually use transparent jars, use silver or gold coloured jars! If possible, make the lip balms in a distinctive, one of a kind flavour. It’s more troublesome than ordering ordinary lip balms just like everybody else, but with more trouble comes more gratitude. Your guests and yourself would love the effort you spend on personalising your favours at the end of the day.

customized wedding favours

Personalised Lip Balm Flavours for Wedding Favours

Spray Bottles

The idea of giving out spray bottles may be a little absurd at the beginning, but you’ll be surprised how these spray bottles come in handy for almost everyone on the planet. People need these to carry their favourite cleansers, perfumes, medicated oils, and a lot of other things in a travel size.

Of course, you can’t be giving out the ordinary, transparent bottles as favours. But, you can tweak the designs a little. So, maybe choose bottles that match your wedding colour code, put your engravings on the bottles, and wrap them up in nice little exclusive boxes. It sounds a little complicated, but once you find the right kind of bottle, the rest is not that difficult.

Assorted M&M’s and Matching Flower

assorted chocolates

This one is perhaps more suitable for the more cheerful, colour popped weddings. But if you fancy the idea, why not? Everybody clearly loves chocolate, and assorting them based on colour is a great way to entertain your guests. You can put matching colour flowers on top of each boxes.

Then, you can put some fun phrases on the bottom of the box according to each colour. For example, for the box with red M&M’s you can put a red rose on top of the box and a phrase like “Nothing a little red can’t do to change the world!” on the bottom.

Be creative with the boxes and designs. You have to be careful, though, as guests might take a long time to pick out which colour they want as they’re leaving. But, as long as your guests leave your wedding feeling happy with their haul of sweets, all is well!

Miniature Bonsai Trees

They’re lovelier and less spiky than cactus and are great gifts for your green loving friends and families. I once received this at my cousin’s wedding and was actually curious and thrilled about it, even though I’m not a plant-loving person at all. There are many kinds of species of bonsai, so make sure you pick out the one that only needs minimum maintenance so you don’t give trouble to your guests.

There are certain parties that specialise in providing bonsai for events like weddings, so they might know better about the trees and you can save the time researching bonsai on your own. Just make sure not to forget to leave a little instruction note on how to care for the plant, so your guests would be able to grow the plants on their own in their homes.

DIY Bath Salts

People love to have relaxing, therapeutic like baths, but hate to splurge on something so trivial. Giving them your own home made, great smelling bath salts will definitely make them thankful. Even though they aren’t quite the bath person, they’ll still be able to give some of your salts to their friends and families, too! Either way, it definitely would be a favour your guests appreciate.

If you’re on budget, you can try finding formulas that don’t require expensive ingredients. If you don’t want to tire yourself making millions of batches of salts, you can always enlist help from your close friends and families to help you with the concoction and packing. Or you can always outsource the packaging to a third party to ensure your guests would receive the warmest, fanciest home made bath salts ever.

Do you have any creative ideas for wedding favours? We’d love to hear them!